Central Instrument Facility

The Department of Chemistry at Colorado State University, operates the Central Instrument Facility (CIF).  The CIF has a complement of sophisticated instruments including magnetic resonance (NMR and EPR) spectrometers for solution spectroscopy up to 600 MHz, an MPMS squid magnetometer and mass (MS) spectrometers for GCMS, LCMS, LC-TOFMS and FTICRMS.   The X-ray laboratory includes thin-film and powder XRD and XRR, SAXS/WAXS, single crystal X-ray diffraction and UHV XPS and Auger. The Spectroscopy laboratory has FTIR with ATR and microscope accessories, UV-Vis-NIR including diffuse reflectance accessories and variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometry (VASE).  The thermal analysis laboratory has DSC, DTA and TGA.  Our imaging laboratory includes an AFM, a profilometer and two SEMs including a field emission SEM with EDS and lithography attachments. The instruments are available for use mainly by principal investigators and their associates at CSU, our collaborators and other interested third parties after appropriate review. Most instruments are available to our CSU partners on a self-service basis.

The CIF is directed by Dr. Christopher Rithner, (970) 491-6475, cdr@colostate.edu. There are also several full time professional staff scientists, each with their own specific expertise, and student assistants available to aid with operation of the instrumentation. These pages will inform you about our instrumentation, charges for use of the instruments, and specific ongoing projects in our facilities.