Hands-on TEM Short Course

Learn the theory behind TEM and how to analyze your own samples

Dr. Roy Geiss of the CIF TEM laboratory is offering a practical short course this spring that will provide intensive hands-on training on the JEM-2100F.


Ideal background for course

  • Proficient on SEM and familiar with TEM techniques
  • Intend to continue analysis after the course ends

Expectations for course

  • Bring personal research samples for TEM analysis
  • Complete homework to learn software (Digital Micrograph)
    • Measure and interpret diffraction patterns
    • Simulate images and patterns
  • Seek additional instrument time to become more comfortable with the instrument

Topics and skills covered

  • TEM and STEM alignment
  • High resolution TEM and STEM imaging
  • Selected area and convergent beam diffraction in TEM
  • Nanodiffraction and EDS applications in STEM

Outcomes upon course conclusion

  • Be completely familiar with basic TEM operation
  • Be able to use the instrument during regular business hours with minimal TEM staff assistance (advanced students may be allowed to operate instrument on their own, after hours)

Tentative start:  Mid-March, lasting 6-8 weeks

Lectures: 10 am to 12 pm Mondays

Labs: one-on-one sessions for 2hrs once/week

Cost: Instrument time $75/hr ($900 total)

*This course is currently not for credit. Course length and topics depend on student interests.

All students and post-docs who are interested in attending this course should contact Dr. Roy Geiss (Roy.Geiss@colostate.edu). The course will be limited to 4 people for the spring session. If there is enough interest in this course, a fall session may become available.