Mass Spec Rates

The CIF Mass Spec lab operates in two different service models:

Self service – Available to trained operators on open-access instruments. CIF staff will provide training and some initial methods development assistance.  Please register online as ‘New User’ to sign up for training.

Full service – where instrument analysis is performed by CIF staff. This applies to our accurate mass time-of-flight LCMS instruments. Full service operation involves instrument setup, basic method development, sample analysis and raw data reporting.
CSU Affiliated Rates

Self-service instruments (open-access)  Rates
 GC-MS (single quadrupole) *  $24/h  ($8/sample)
 LTQ LC-MS (or LC-UV) *  $36/h  ($12/sample)
 GC-MS/MS (triple quadrupole)  $40/h
 UPLC-MS/MS (triple quadrupole)  Project startup fee  $300  (one time)
 Instrument use  $65/h  ($10/sample)
 TOF LC-MS with DART **  DART  $5/sample
Full-service-only instruments  Rates
 TOF LC-MS *  Direct injection  $20/sample
 Syringe infusion  $40/sample
 HPLC  $60/h

DISCOUNTS: After the first 6h of instrument time by a research group within a billing period (1 month), rates are reduced to 85% of full price, and after the next 6h of instrument time to 75% of full price.

** DART: “Direct Analysis in Real Time”. This source is coupled to our Agilent Time of Flight (TOF) LCMS, and can be used in a self-service mode on designated DART days as announced by the CIF. Contact for more information.

Contact Dr. Karolien Denef about Mass Spectrometry Analysis

Academic Rates for Student Hourly Employees – $20/hr
Academic Rates for CIF Staff – $65/hr

*Rates are subject to revision*