CIF Summer School – Materials Analysis

Date and Location

June 2-6, 2014
Lectures: Yates 103
Labs: Chemistry, B115 and C3B

Course features


  • Cooperative learning of individual techniques through lecture & laboratory instruction.
  • Discussion of sample handling, sample preparation, etc. for different techniques and sample types.
  • Exposure and hands-on experience with new state-of-the art instrumentation and technology used routinely in materials analysis, including X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), X-ray diffraction (XRD) including wide and┬ásmall-angle X-ray scattering (WAXS/SAXS), profilometry and contact angle analysis.
  • Application Highlights keynote lecture by Dr. Thomas Patapoff, Staff Scientist at Genentech Inc.
  • Presentations by course participants, as part of course assignment, about materials analysis work performed during the course.

Dr. Ellen Fisher: Materials performance/interactions
Dr. Melissa Reynolds: Soft materials/biomaterials
Dr. Troy Holland: Hard materials
Dr. Kristen Buchanan: Nanomagnetism
Dr. Travis Bailey: SAXS/WAXS
Dr. Pat McCurdy: XPS, profilometry
Dr. Brian Newell: XRD, WAXS/SAXS
Brendan Tomkins: contact angle
Featuring talks and demonstrations by application specialists from sponsoring companies, including PANalytical.

Course schedule

A detailed course schedule will be posted soon on RamCT. The course will run from Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm, with lectures and hands-on labs in the morning and afternoon. There will be several breaks including a lunch break from 12:15-1:45pm.
The keynote talk by Dr. Thomas Patapoff, Staff Scientist at Genentech Inc., will be given on Friday, June 6 at 9am in Chemistry A101, and will be open to the general public.


Registration is now closed and accepted students have been notified. Please use RAMweb for official course registration in order to receive the 1 course credit. This course will be listed as CHEM 651A.