Materials Analysis Laboratory

The material analysis laboratory has tools for measuring the magnetic and thermal properties of materials.  These instruments include a PPMS, MPMS with SQUID, a DSC with sub-ambient accessory, and TGA.  The lab also has two older, mothballed tools including a Balser MS for analyzing gas streams from the TGA and a DEA for measuring electronic parameters associated with thin film materials.

Available instruments
  • Quantum Design PPMS – 9T, DC Resistivity, Electrical Transport, Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM), Thermal Transport, Heat Capacity, Horizontal Rotator, Multi-Function Probe, VT from 1.8 K to 1000 K
  • Quantum Design MPMSXL – 5T supercon with SQUID AC susceptibility, Reciprocating Sample Option (RSO) for DC field measurements, VT from 1.8 K to 400 K
  • TA Modulated 2920 DSC with sub-ambient accessory.  Measured properties include galss transition, melting points, % crystallinity, heats of fusion, specific heat, kinetics, stability, purity and cure rate.
  • TA TGA 2950 Thermogravimetric analyzer measures thermal stability, decomposition kinetics and volatile components of materials.
  • TA DEA 2970 with sub-ambient accessory measures capacitive and conductance of material as a function of temperature and frequency.  One may measure permittivity, loss factor, tan delta and ionic conductivity of materials.  This instrument is mothballed.
Location and Contact
CIF Materials Analysis Laboratory
CSU main campus
Chemistry B115 (X-ray lab) and C03 (Thermal analysis)Dr. Brian Newell
Phone: (970) 491-6209




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