X-ray Photoelectron and Auger Electron Spectroscopy

Open Access Instruments

Open Access instruments are intended to be used by CSU students and researchers. CIF staff will provide training and some initial methods development assistance.  Please register online as ‘New User’ to sign up for training.

CIF Operated Instruments

This option is available to both CSU and external customers. It involves CIF staff to perform instrument setup, basic method development, sample analysis and raw data reporting to the customer. Minimum requirements apply for sample submission. Please contact the CIF for detailed instructions.
NOTE: There is a minimum charge per project; Batch discounts may apply (please contact CIF staff).
Collaborative efforts are encouraged

CSU Affiliated Rates
Beam time – $50/hr ($5 minimum charge per use)
There is a $100 minimum charge per billing cycle

Sputtering only is charged at $25/hour with a minimum of 0.5 hour.

Academic Rates for Student Hourly Employees – $20/hr
Academic Rates for CIF Staff – $65/hr

*Rates are subject to revision*

Contact Dr. McCurdy about XPS / Auger