JEOL JEM2100F Transmission Electron Microscope

The JEOL 2100F is a versatile general user field emission transmission electron microscope suitable for high-resolution imaging, Z-contrast imaging and offering chemical analysis capabilities. It can be operated at variable voltages between 80-200 kV both in scanning transmission and transmission electron microscopy mode (STEM/TEM). It is equipped with a Schottky field-emitter and a ultra high-resolution, UHR, objective lens pole-piece with a demonstrated 0.19 nm point-to-point resolution, allowing ±20° sample tilt. STEM BF and ADF resolution of 0.135 nm has been obtained.



Analytical Capabilities
  • Energy dispersive x-ray spectrometer (EDS, Oxford Energy Max 80) with single spectra, line scan and mapping capabilities is available for elemental analysis. The smallest probe that can realistically be used to collect EDS data is 0.5 nm.
  • JEOL BF and ADF STEM detectors and a Gatan High-Angle Annular Dark Field (Gatan 806 HAADF) detector for incoherent HAADF imaging or Z-contrast imaging in scanning TEM (STEM) mode.
Other Imaging Capabilities
  • Lorentz imaging of magnetic domains
  • Tomography with ±70° tilt about x-axis
Electron Diffraction Capabilities
  • Selected Area Diffraction
  • Nano Beam Diffraction, NBD, ( ~1.5 nm capability)
  • Convergent Beam Electron Diffraction, CBED
  • STEM/NBD with scanning and point-and-shoot capability using a probe of 0.5 nm.
TEM image of Au film

TEM image of Au film


The JEOL2100F TEM has the following sample holders available:

  • JEOL single tilt holder (±20° tilt)
  • Custom design single tilt holder for correlative diffraction in STEM and SEM/t-EBSD.
  • JEOL double tilt holder (±20° tilt) for imaging and analytical measurements.
  • JEOL double tilt low background Be holder (±20° tilt) for imaging and low background EDS measurements.
  • Special half-grid holder for tomography (±70° tilt).

All the holders can be operated with piezo-drift compensation.

Sample requirements and preparation

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How to get your samples analyzed by TEM

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